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Jul 29, 2021

In Part One, the crew breaks down Atai Life Sciences' founder and COMPASS Pathways investor Christian Angermayer's recent appearance on right-wing YouTuber Dave Rubin's "The Rubin Report."

Co-hosts: Brian Normand, Neşe Devenot, David Nickles, Brian Pace, Russell Hausfeld, Sarvesh Ramprakash. Editor: Matt Payne


Jul 22, 2021

The crew reviews Michael Pollan’s recent New York Times Op-Ed "How Should We Do Drugs Now?
Co-hosts: Neşe Devenot, Brian Normand, David Nickles, Brian Pace. Editor: Matt Payne
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Michael Pollan: Not So Fast on Psychedelic Mushrooms | New York Times
#1 - We Hope Michael Pollan Changes His...

Jul 20, 2021

In Part Two Normie, Dave, Russell, and Sarvesh continue their conversation about Atai Life Sciences and how the introduction of for-profit psychedelic pharmaceutical corporations have shifted capital away from non-profits. This episode gets extra wacky and dark as they dive into Atai Founder & Chairman...

Jul 15, 2021

Brian Normand, David Nickles, and Russell Hausfeld are joined by new team member, Sarvesh Ramprakash, to discuss Atai Life Sciences' recent IPO on Nasdaq. They also discuss and provide updates on Russell's previous 2020 report exploring how the introduction of for-profit psychedelic pharmaceutical corporations has...

Jul 7, 2021

In Part Two, the Psymposia crew continues to deconstruct a conversation between two self-described entrepreneurs who recently discussed psychedelics and medicalization during an event called Psychedelic Capitalism with Alexander Beiner [Rebel Wisdom] and Lars Wilde [COMPASS Pathways, Atai Life Sciences]— while...