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Nov 2, 2022

We’re back…mostly. In this episode we ramble about the Psychedemia conference, the serpent handler researcher who helped legitimize Johns Hopkins’ psychedelic research, Steve Jobs’ guru “Toxic Bob”, hot psilocybin patent garbage, Mind Medicine Australia’s utterly cringe appearance on ABC’s Four Corners documentary “Psyched Up”, popping psychedelic hype bubbles, and Dave’s new studio that’s covered in fractal horses. 




A Channel for Magic: Ralph Hood’s Mysticism Scale and the Occult Roots of the Johns Hopkins Psychedelic Research Program

Psychologist Ralph Hood’s study of serpent handling and mysticism helped legitimize the study of psychedelics. So why doesn’t he want them approved for medical use?


The Misadventures Of “Toxic Bob”
Throughout his lifetime, Robert Friedland has evolved from Steve Jobs' psychedelic guru to mining guru, leaving a trail of environmental destruction in his wake.


On Drugs Substack: Hot Psilocybin Patent Garbage
How to invalidate a psychedelic patent in 30 minutes on a Sunday afternoon.

On Drugs Substack:
Three Fever Thoughts As the World Turnbulls


ABC Four Corners: Psyched Up

In Australia and overseas there's a push to make psychedelic drugs part of mainstream medicine for the treatment of trauma and other mental health conditions. Results from clinical trials are promising for PTSD sufferers where conventional treatments have failed. Reporter Elise Worthington also investigates the dark side of this form of therapy where disturbing cases of abuse and malpractice are emerging in both clinical trials and the underground. There's now pressure in the industry to downplay the negative stories by those who stand to profit from the business of psychedelics.


Preparing for the Bursting of the Psychedelic Hype Bubble



Is the Psychedelic Therapy Bubble About to Burst?



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