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Apr 4, 2022

Both underground and above-ground therapists and practitioners present their psychedelic services in service to "healing." Why, then, is it so hard to get them to acknowledge the harms taking place in their communities? Why do institutions seem more concerned with preserving their reputations than addressing the numerous harmful dynamics that have persisted for years? If the psychedelic movement intends to heal trauma, it must begin at home.


This episode is Psymposia's reaction to Cover Story: Power Trip, Episode 9: The Complainers Group


Cover Story is an investigative podcast from New York Magazine. The first season, Power Trip, uncovers the secrets and exposes the darkest corners of the psychedelic renaissance through a twisted, deeply personal tale at the intersection of mind, body, and control. Power Trip is a co-production of New York Magazine and Psymposia.







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