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May 19, 2022

In part one of this deep dive, Psymposia and Thought Slime analyze Jordan Peterson's fascination with psychedelics as an example of the reactionary, right-wing ideologies that have been developing within psychedelia in recent decades. Reacting to a 2021 podcast of Peterson's, we discuss the significance of Peterson's popularity among some prominent psychedelic researchers. As figures like Jordan Peterson and Ben Shapiro continue to advocate for harmful "conversion therapies" for minority sexual orientations and gender identities, we discuss the dangers of reactionary interest in psychedelic-assisted therapies, given that psychedelics are already associated with increased suggestibility and shifts in identity. Considering the fact that many scientists and CEOs in the psychedelic renaissance are lobbying right-wing donors and politicians, we highlight the risks inherent to reactionary forces developing frameworks for accessing psychedelics. 
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