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Jul 8, 2020

Brian Normand, David Nickles, and Russell Hausfeld continue their conversation about neoliberals in psychedelia, including companies using the coronavirus pandemic to promote psychedelics for mental health. They also deconstruct non-profit vs. for-profit rhetoric and propose more pragmatic frameworks for examining the implications (and material realities) of psychedelic corporations and their operating structures, such as cooperative vs. non-cooperative.

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Reliable Spores, Houston Puck, Dave Hodges, James Hubbard, Lindsay Munson, Evan Freimuth, Abigail Bianchi, Meghan Kennedy, Dave Ayers, Darrell Duane, Tehseen Noorani, Tariqul Islam, Clifford Hudson, Daniel McQueen, Maryann Kehoe, Yono ohno, Nathan Espinosa, Srikanth Cherla, Bill Harvest, Annick McIntosh, Starbuck, Anne Sagewood, Aaron Williams, Jenine Innes, Julia A, Jesse Liberty, Christian Dawley, Leon Boroditsky, Samy Tammam, Amanda Alexander

**Corporadelic: a six part series by Russell Hausfeld on the intersection of psychedelics and capitalism, and the early investors making it happen. 

Calm Down. What’s the Worst Thing that the Wellness Industry Could do to Psychedelics?

Talking Psychedelic Capitalism in a WeWork Ballroom

Christian Angermayer’s ATAI Life Sciences is Positioned to Take the Psychedelic Throne From MAPS

Making Psychedelics Boring Again: Unless You’re a Privileged Psychedelic Executive, Of Course

Psychedelic Trade Secrets and Get-Rich-Quick Schemes — A Benefit to Investors, a Harm to Progress

Never Forget: Before There Was A Mush Rush, There Was A Plea For Decency