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Jun 21, 2023

On June 6, Psymposia reported on the presenter contract for MAPS' Psychedelic Science 2023. The contract includes clauses that limit when and where presenters can speak, and a "MAPS Reputation" clause that warns speakers to not "tarnish" the organization's "reputation and goodwill." After our reporting, MAPS announced that all presenters would be released from the radius clause of the contract. Concerns with the “MAPS reputation” clause were not acknowledged. We also discuss Russell Hausfeld's reporting on Kentucky's recent decision to use opioid settlement money on ibogaine research.



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Psychedelic Science 2023 Contract Muzzles Speakers: Two Clauses Dictate What Presenters Can and Can’t Say by Russell Hausfeld 



$42M for psychedelics research is not how Kentucky should be fighting opioid addiction by Russell Hausfeld



State of Kentucky Sets aside $42 Million for Psychedelic Research, with Focus on Ibogaine by Psychedelic Alpha



The Ibogaine Conversation by Psymposia 


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